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The Review of EssayVikings.com Essay Writing Service

I hate essays. I honestly do. There’s nothing more terrifying to me than being given a writing assignment. I can handle tests, workshops, lab work – but when I hear word “paper”, I panic. And this freezing feeling    doesn’t let go of me until I tell myself “Don’t worry. There are people who will handle it right”.

essayvikings writing service

Most likely it’s a psychological issue I should have approached comprehensively when still in high school, but instead I just preferred to let EssayVikings.com essay writing service do my job for me.

EssayViking.com SOS Help

I employed EssayVikings.com writing services for the first time because of a recommendation from my friend. The paper I ordered was called “Internal structure of pharmaceutical organizations” and it was a freaking 5 pages long project!

essayvikings review

Apart from my mental issues with writing papers, I am actually very good at organizing and management. So I had no problem to set up my EssayVikings.com essay order in such way that everything worked out perfectly. One thing I find common in most of unsatisfied EssayVikings.com reviews – is that the student didn’t know what, when and why he expected things from the service.

How to Brief your EssayViking.com Writer To Deliver Perfection

So from the very beginning I made sure to be very clear about what I want the writer to do:

  • I didn’t want to see any definitions or standard explanations;
  • Only US companies should be used as examples;
  • He should compare a pharmaceutical corporation with something unexpected, like country or state;
  • All the references must be older than 2005 and 40% of them must be books and 60% – online articles.

When I set up my order like this, it was very easy for the writer to work within these frames and he managed very well. My paper was actually very interesting to read! I proofread it with pleasure, confirmed that there was no plagiarism by running the text through google, and paid my writer $45 dollars that we agreed upon.

essayvikings review

Yes, by the way – they have a system where you are not charged upon making an order, but only when you approve the paper and consider the order done. This I think eliminates all the chances for EssayVikings.com scam – because there’s no upfront payment and using PayPal you can always reverse the transaction if you think it’s needed.

What if Somebody Told You Don’t Have to Write Essays Anymore? Never Again…

One thing I want you to learn from this EssayVikings.com review – is that taking the stress of writing loads of boring papers is possible. And there’s a way to do it without any harm to your wallet or reputation.

I don’t know what else you need to know to answer your concern is EssayVikings.com legit, but for me I can tell that the way I work with their writers is beneficial for me and I find their writing of a very good quality.


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